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Certificate In Personal Brand: Maximizing Personal Impact Online Course

Maximize Your Impact In Work And Life

Maximize Your Impact In Work And Life

Abigail Van Buren, the writer of Dear Abby, once said, “There are two kinds of people: those who come into a room with the attitude, ‘Here I am!’ and those who have the attitude, ‘There you are!’” This course is an exploration about the type of impact we want to have in life and work.

In this course, you’ll learn what a brand is and how you can leverage it to make a personal impact. You’ll define, design, and plan the interior elements of your brand (such as your confidence level and approach to others) as well as the exterior elements (such as how you dress and act). You’ll also learn supporting skills, such as setting goals, communicating effectively, building your credibility, managing difficult conversations, influencing others, and speaking in public.

 At the end of this Personal Brand: Maximizing Personal Impact course, you will be able to:

  • Speak in terms of the impact and influence that you want to have in life and work.
  • Understand your personal style in terms of your personal brand.
  • Develop skill in areas like focus, concentration, and communication to support your brand.
  • Build credibility and trust by living your brand.
  • Take ownership of your image, both online and in person.

Course Fast Facts:

  1. Easy to follow and understand
  2. Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required
  3. Unlimited, lifetime access to online course
  4. Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone
  5. You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time
  6. Certificate of Completion

Course Delivery

Courses are accessed online via our learning management system by any device including PC, MAC, tablet or Smart Phone.

Recognition & Accreditation

This course is internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

Session 1: Course Overview

  • Learning Objectives
  • Pre-Assignment
  • Pre-Course Assessment

 Session 2: Importance of a Personal Brand

  • Whats in a Brand?
  • Pre-Assignment Review
  • Defining Success
  • Making Connections
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Brand Elements
  • Making Connections

 Session 3: Your Brand Approach to Others

  • Brand Style Assessment
  • Scoring Overview
  • Brand Assessment Matrix
  • Understanding Styles
  • The Pragmatic Style
  • The Enthusiastic Style
  • The Accommodating Style
  • The Detailed Style

 Session 4: Looking at the Outside

  • Dress for Success
  • Business Etiquette
  • How You Sound
  • Things to Consider

 Session 5: Looking at the Inside

  • Getting Focused
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • Improving Your Concentration
  • Developing Confidence
  • Pretend Youre Confident
  • When Your Positive Self-Talk Doesnt Listen
  • Make Eye Contact
  • Dance
  • Know Your Stuff
  • Rehearse
  • Pep Talks Work
  • Read Inspiring Biographies and Autobiographies
  • Be Thankful
  • Push Yourself to Accomplish Short-Term Goals
  • Do Something for Yourself Every Week
  • Four Steps for Success
  • Making Connections

 Session 6: Setting Goals

  • What Do You Want?
  • Asking Effectively
  • Go For It!
  • Identifying Dreams and Setting Goals
  • Getting Some SPIRIT
  • Being Flexible and Resilient

 Session 7: Networking for Success

  • Getting Out There

 Session 8: Communication Strategies

  • What is Said and What is Heard
  • Communication Situations
  • How Do You Rate Your Listening Ability?
  • Listening Assessment
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Responding to Feelings
  • Reading Cues
  • Demonstration Cues
  • Tips for Becoming a Better Listener

 Session 9: Building Your Credibility

  • Defining Credibility

 Session 10: Brand You

  • Defining Your Brand
  • Designing My Brand

 Session 11: Living Your Brand

  • Getting Started
  • Thinking Out Loud
  • Tips for Getting Started

 Session 12: Managing Your Social Media Presence

  • Understanding Social Media
  • Making the Most of Social Media

 Session 13: Having Influence

  • Persuasion Techniques
  • Persuasion
  • Ten Ways to Persuade
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Expressing Your No
  • The Persistent Response
  • Guidelines for Saying No

 Session 14: Dealing with Challenging People

  • Getting to the Heart of the Problem
  • Whats Missing?
  • The Three Fs
  • Facts
  • Frequency
  • Frustrated Relationship
  • Types of Difficult People

 Session 15: Presentations and Meetings

  • Speak, by all Means!
  • Seven Ways to Pump Up a Presentation
  • Preparing for Meetings
  • Before the Meeting
  • During the Meeting
  • Leading Meetings

 Session 16: A Personal Action Plan

  • Starting Point
  • Where I Want to Go
  • How I Will Get There

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


  • OSX/iOS 6 or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

  • Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
  • Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Course Summary

Course ID No.: 002BMPIOC
Delivery Mode: Online
Course Access: Lifetime Course Access
Time required: Study at your own pace
Course Duration: 6 - 8 Hours
Assessments: Yes
Qualification: Certificate